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Meet The Boss

Meet the Boss

Dear visitor,

I'm Matt Cooney Chief Executive of the asra Housing Group. Welcome to my page!

It is very important to me that all customers feel their views are heard by myself, so I have set up this page to listen to what you have to say and also to tell you more about our work through my regular blog.  

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BLOG: Not ducking the issues

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Project duckAt asra we are currently on a roll with a quacking project. Following consultation with colleagues and customers we discovered some obvious things (our housing staff wanted to spend more time with customers, our customers wanted more accessible housing staff) and some unobvious solutions. Involving ducks.

By Spring 2014 all of asra's offices will be paperless. We've already introduced mobile working, equipping all housing, income and surveyor colleagues with tablet computers and I-Tracker technology to enable them to log-in and check live information on rents and anti-social behaviour. All from the comfort of a customers' living room.

Nine months into the mobile working project and a survey of colleagues showed that on average colleagues are now spending 59% of their time with customers, as opposed to just 22% in October. Last October, when many teams were just starting to mobile work, colleagues were spending 52% of their time in the office. Now it's just 6 per cent, which means colleagues are spending farm more time with customers.

The next stage is Project Duck, so named because we are working with Document management specialists Documotive to make all of our offices paper-free. Docu - duck, do you get it?

Over the next few months, more than two million pieces of paper are being scanned onto our database - giving colleagues access to customer and partner information. It'll mean an end to sifting through filing cabinets and an end to piles of paper. And also an end to an old way of working that was inefficient and less useful to customers and colleagues.

Scanning in letters at the moment of receipt for multiple access by colleagues, for example, encourages better sharing of information. So if a customer has a query and the housing officer is out in the field, they can better answer that question there and then. This will certainly be another feather in the cap and a key reason why customer satisfaction has risen to 85% within six months, which is 5% above target.

All proving that we're no lame duck.

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